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My favourite travel backpack – Inateck 40l review

Inateck 40l features

Let me introduce you to one of the things I never want to travel without ever again: The Inateck 40l backpack. We’ve been travelling together for over three years now! Therefore it’s about time that I share a detailed, independent and honest review. I originally bought this backpack in January 2020 as it seemed big […]

My liveaboard experience with Dive Komodo

Rinca Island viewpoint Komodo National Park

Until a few months ago I’ve known Komodo National Park only from the famous Instagram photos of Padar island. I noticed that most people go to Komodo to do a one or multiple day boat trip to see the Komodo dragons, go hiking and enjoy the stunning scenery of the islands. But little did I […]

Seafrogs underwater housing for Lumix GH5 – full review

Seafrogs Underwater Housing Lumix GH5

My Panasonic Lumix GH5 has been my best travel buddy since mid 2019. I’ve always enjoyed creating photos and videos on land. When I started diving in 2020 and fell in love with it, I knew it was only a matter of time before I needed an underwater housing to take my hobby underwater. Three […]

Wingspan boardgame travel edition

Wingflight Game Setup

Have you ever heard of the boardgame Wingspan? If yes, then this blogpost might make you want to play even more! I’ll share everything you need to know to play Wingspan from anywhere without bringing all the game material with you. Whether it is the local pub, cafe, the park, your friends’ house or a […]