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My favourite travel backpack – Inateck 40l review

Inateck 40l features

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Let me introduce you to one of the things I never want to travel without ever again: The Inateck 40l backpack. We’ve been travelling together for over three years now! Therefore it’s about time that I share a detailed, independent and honest review.

I originally bought this backpack in January 2020 as it seemed big enough to fit a lot of stuff and at the same time small enough to take it on the plane as carry on luggage. In 2020 my digital nomad career started and I was therefore always travelling with my laptop and camera gear which took up quite a lot of space. In 2023, three years later, I frequently used the same backpack as my only travel luggage while still bringing my laptop and camera. Sometimes it felt a bit like Hermione’s magic purse which fits much more than what it looks like it does.

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Inateck 40l in ricefield Ubud
My best travel buddy: The Inateck 40l
Inateck 40l for travelling
Ready for a big trip: Inateck 40l in front as hand luggage

Overview & features

First, I’d like to give an overview of the backpack and its features. The Inateck backpack is a simple, squared shape, black backpack that fits 40 litres. It has some amazing features:

1. Cabin approved size

The main reason I chose this backpack was because it’s cabin approved with the following dimensions: 55×34×20 cm (21.65×13.4×7.87 inch). I haven’t had any problems boarding a plane so far and was never approached to check the size.

2. Material & raincover

The Inateck 40l backpack is made to last. The materials used for the backpack are scratch and splash resistant. I was very happy when I discovered that the backpack came with a rain cover. Soo helpful! Honestly, I wouldn’t buy a backpack without a rain cover ever again, especially when travelling to tropical countries it can a life, or rather tech gear, saver.

Inateck 40l features
Inateck 40l features
Pocket for your waterbottle

3. Zips & pockets

The backpack has a huge main pocket which comes with a transparent zipper bag. The transparent zipper bag looks like it can be used as a toiletry bag but you can also to store any other things that need some more protection. The best part is that the main compartment can be opened like a little suitcase as the two zippers go around the whole backpack. Therefore you can easily access your belongings by just opening the main door instead of having to unpack everything to reach the bottom of the bag. The top part comes with two net pockets on the inside and two sections on the outside which are divided into smaller areas to store things like a wallet, cards etc.

Inateck 40l features
The main compartment

There’s a second big compartment which fits a 15 and 13 inch device. This compartment is padded so you don’t necessarily need a laptop case. On the side of the backpack is a water bottle pocket. The back of the backpack can be used to hide the shoulder straps. This can be helpful if you want to check the bag as your main luggage at the airport or carry the backpack only with one of the holders.

Inateck 40l features
Padded laptop compartment
Inateck 40l features
More pockets

What I love most about the Inateck 40l is that there are plenty of compartments to manage your stuff but they don’t take away any space and they make it easy for you to pack smart.

4. Anti-theft design

The backpack comes with a dual zipper design so you can lock the heads! For this you need to purchase your own padlock. I recommend to have a lock with you while travelling anyway as, depending on your accommodation, you might need it to use a locker.

Another amazing feature of the backpack is that thanks to some hidden pockets you can safely store things like documents or money. It makes it much harder to access them quickly without proper inspection.

Inateck 40l features
Anti-theft zippers
Inateck 40l features
Hidden pockets

How I’m using the Inateck 40l

The Inateck 40l backpack is my perfect travel companion to go on single and multi day trips, and even when I’m travelling for a few months. I used the backpack when I attended work meetings which only lasted a day. For most of my international trips I’ve had it as my hand luggage to carry valuable items like laptop and camera gear.

Over the past few months I used it as my main luggage to travel Southeast Asia for over three months and was able to store everything I needed, including my camera and laptop! I used to be a person who packed much more than I really needed just because I had the space. But when travelling for a long amount of time it’s actually quite annoying having to pack and unpack a huge bag and carry it around the whole time. I therefore only brought what I really needed and this made life so much easier! Honestly, only carrying one backpack as your main luggage feels so much better. Liberating in a way, you know?

Inateck 40l for travelling
Travelling for 3 months – this is all I brought
Inateck 40l for travelling
Walking through the streets of Bangkok

I use the compression straps on the side to hang up my shoes, scuba mask and water bottle. This saves a lot of space on the inside of the backpack. Thanks to the main compartment opening like a suitcase it’s easier to access everything and to squeeze it all together. To make this process even easier I highly recommend using storage bags like these. They not only help you to organize your clothes better but also compress them.

Three reasons why I would buy it again

I came up with the idea to mention three reasons why I would and wouldn’t buy the Inateck 40l again. I think this perfectly summarizes my opinion on the backpack and makes it easier for you to decide whether this is the right backpack for you.

1. Amazing quality

I’ve used this backpack intensely for the past three years. We’ve mostly travelled tropical countries with lots of humidity. Only over the past few months, the material of the inside of some compartments has started to wear out. The rest of the backpack looks almost as good as new! With an average weight of +/- 10 kilos I haven’t had any issues regarding the straps. That’s what’s important when buying a backpack, right? You don’t want to throw it out or rip during the travel after a year.

2. Smart storage

I love how the backpack leaves enough freedom to pack my stuff however I want (that suitcase like zipper is just amazing) while providing smart storage compartments. The amount of stuff I can fit is just insane. Another great thing is that I don’t have to bring a laptop case due to the laptop pocket being lightly padded.

3. Cost-effectiveness

If you consider all the features of this backpack, a price of around 60 Euros is more than fair! Honestly, if I look at other bags that are being advertised on Instagram and their cost I don’t understand this world anymore. They look nice but they don’t provide any helpful features for travellers. The cost-effectiveness of the Inateck 40l is just amazing. I could buy two of the Inateck backpacks and still save money compared to the IG brands.

Inateck 40l in ricefield Ubud
Inateck 40l in ricefield Ubud

Three reasons why I wouldn’t buy it again

I had to think a bit about three reasons why I wouldn’t buy this backpack again. And to be honest, those reasons are just nice to have features the backpack is missing in my opinion. I can already say: I would definitely buy it again.

1. No waist support

The backpack unfortunately doesn’t come with a waist belt, like most of the bigger travel backpacks on the market. If the Inateck 40l had a waist belt it would be absolutely perfect. I don’t really like having it filled and walking around for more than 30 minutes. Due to the whole weight lasting on my back it sometimes starts to hurt and gets uncomfortable. A waist belt would definitely help with that. If you are planning to do big hikes with this backpack, I think you should maybe look for a different one.

2. Shoulder straps not comfy on bare skin

Travelling in Southeast Asia means it’s quite warm most of the time and I’m sometimes wearing tops. As the shoulder straps of the backpack are made of resistant material they feel a bit uncomfortable and rough on bare skin.

3. I didn’t come up with a third reason

Unfortunately I didn’t come up with a third reason why I wouldn’t buy the backpack again. I really tried but overall I’m very happy with it.

Packing Inateck 40l
All of this fits into the backpack

Final thoughts

All in all I would recommend the Inateck 40l backpack to everyone who is looking for a work and travel backpack. It’s perfect to carry around valuable equipment and fits enough clothes for short and long trips. The comparatively low price, great quality and many features are the reason why I would buy the backpack again. If you are interested to purchase the backpack click here and have a look at the price for your country.

In case you have any questions please share them in the comments below or send me a message on Instagram!

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