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Work with placesoflinda

Thank you for your interest in working with placesoflinda! Down below you will get a further insight into the services placesoflinda can provide for your business. Placesoflinda will guide you from the first discovery call to the final implementation of the service. After the project we’re also happy to assist you closely on further management tasks.

  • More than 25.000 highly engaged digital nomads & travellers are interacting with placesoflinda on a yearly basis.
  • Being passionate travellers and digital nomads ourselves we understand the thoughts, needs and challenges of this target group.
  • With long-standing background and passion in content creation & digital marketing, placesoflinda offers services in areas like video- and photographycontent creation (e.g. reels, image videos) as well as website design

For enquiries and our media kit please send an e-mail to: or reach out to placesoflinda on Instagram.

Our Services

Video- and Photography

High quality content for your marketing campaigns or social media channels related to  travel, lifestyle, accommodation and products.

Content Creation

Specific content creation to boost your business on placesoflinda or other channels of your choice.

Website design

We will design and create your website on WordPress.

Your benefits

All our services will be tailored to your needs & your business requirements. Our goal is, to create services that will bring your business to the next level. Whether it is a website or other creative content. We will take in the perspective of your own customers and therefore create customized value. Of course, if you prefer a more standardized way there are best practices we can follow. 

It can be quite frustrating having to follow-up the project status as a client. When working with placesoflinda you will benefit from reliable, regular and proactive communication throughout the whole collaboration. This could be through e-mail, direct messenger services or phone. 

With more than 3 years professional experience working in marketing as well as a big passion for creative work, you will get the best quality and result. We understand what it means to work together with clients who have their own business goals to reach. Our mission is support you on this journey.

Our Partners