About me

is my name. With placesoflinda I want to take you along my journey.

Hard facts

I’m originally from Germany, born in 1995 and have a Master’s degree in business and project management. Since Jan. 2020, I’ve been working remotely for a German IT company. The remote job allows me to work from basically anywhere which is why I don’t have an apartment or anything else that would keep me from moving to somewhere else whenever I want to. I really love this lifestyle and try to make the most out of it. Settling down is not something I see myself doing soon.

Soft facts

I love variety in life. Not knowing where I’m gonna be next month, moving on or staying somewhere when I feel like it. I like working for a proper company, but trying different things at the same time: this blog, volunteering, getting to know new cultures while travelling, designing websites, doing video- and photography. Variety makes me flourish. With all I do I try to be conscious about planet earth. I like to own less, less material things and focus on things that enrich my life and make me grow.

Places of linda

And this blog? It’s about the places I visited and the experiences I made along the way. A diverse journey – with ups and downs and everything that is part of life. I want to give you inspiration and advice based on the experiences I made and places I’ve seen. My aim is to make the most out of every day on this planet. And this blog is like a diary. It’s my platform to be creative, to create something I have on my mind and put it into reality. All pictures you see and the whole website itself was created by me.

Have fun on my blog. And feel free to leave your feedback or get in touch with me.
Safe travels♥

Send inquiries to: contact@placesoflinda.com