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My time at Beachub coworking Koh Phangan

Beachub coworking village

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Imagine you could live and work by the sea. Listen to the waves while falling asleep. Having the best restaurants just a five minute walk away. Imagine living and working on an island. All these things come true at Beachub coworking on the Thai island Koh Phangan.

Beachub coworking is located between Srithanu and Zen beach on the Island Koh Phangan. It offers a coworking space as well as beach bungalows right next to the workspace. The best part about it: Beachub is located right by the sea.

The first thing you see and hear in the morning is the ocean. And while working in the open office you can enjoy the ocean breeze. I worked and lived at Beachub for one month in November 2021. This is the place to be for digital nomads staying on Koh Phangan.

Beachub coworking

Let’s start with the coworking space. You can get a daily, weekly and monthly membership to access the workspace. It’s best to check Beachub’s website for prices or send them a message on Facebook. I was there during low season & covid time so I guess the prices I paid are not the best reference.

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beachub coworking big workspace
Part of the big workspace
beachub coworking big workspace seaview
Seaview from the workspace

Each desk gives you a fantastic view over the ocean. There’s an open space office with many many desks as well as two rooms with air conditioning. The membership includes high-speed WiFi, free coffee & water. Ergonomic chairs, standing desks, fans, various chillout-areas and personal lockers are provided as well. There usually also is a cafe on site which was unfortunately closed during my stay. For lunch and dinner you could either cook something in the kitchen or go to one of the cafes close by. When the workspace gets busier though I think they will reopen their cafe.

All in all I really enjoyed working at Beachub. I could choose a different workspot every day. During my stay the coworking space was not too occupied so making phone calls wasn’t a problem then. There’s enough space to find a quiet spot.

workspace with AC beachub
Workspace with AC no. 1
workspace with AC and lockers beachub
Workspace with AC and lockers no. 2
shared kitchen beachub
Shared kitchen
shared gym beachub
Gym and yoga area

What makes this coworking so special is definitely the location. Being by the ocean is very calming and made me sometimes forget the more stressful moments at work. Have I mentioned that you could go for a swim anytime? Or just use the gym area to move your body? When working late you’ll also get to see stunning sunsets or you could take a break and go to Zen beach which is literally a minute walk away. Just make sure you’ll go inside or put lots of moscito spray on in the late afternoon. Otherwise you’ll have a rather painful night.

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Beachub bungalows

What I can highly recommend is to not only work from Beachub but also live in one of the eight beach bungalows. Staying there is soo lovely! Even though the workspace is only 50 m away, “going to the office” helps to separate work and leisure time. You have the chance to become part of the community and also get to know the three long-term tenants better. There are three dogs living at Beachub and the longer I stayed the more we all fell in love with each other. Coming back home in the evening and having a furry friend greeting you happily is priceless.

It is important to mention that Beachub is not really a coliving with organized activities, at least it wasn’t when I was staying there. It’s more like a nice accommodation which is also offering a coworking space.

big bungalow beachub private desk
Big bungalow front view with private desk
beachub bungalow village
Bungalow village with Gym in between
beachub bungalow private bathroom
Private bathroom
beachub bungalow seaview
Seaview from every bungalow

Each bungalow is unique. The main difference is the room and bed size. The best part is that you also get your own private desk to “work from home” and have a little bit more privacy. You get what I mean right? I find that living at Beachub gives much more flexibility and saves a lot of time! And from my research so far it’s quite hard to find an accommodation that is as amazing as Beachub. Renting a bungalow at Beachub includes…

  • King bed
  • Private bathroom and hot shower
  • Air conditioning
  • Clothes rack
  • Private balcony and hammock
  • Working desk in room and on the balcony
  • Wifi access
  • Access to the coworking space, kitchen and gym
  • Ocean sound 24/7

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Things to do in the area

Beachub coworking on Koh Phangan is a secluded paradise by the sea. All the restaurants and social activites are not far away though. To get around the island I recommend renting a scooter. Beachub has brand new scooters for 3,000 THB per month which is a really good price! So by scooter it takes you around 15 minutes to get to Thongsala, the biggest city of the island. But even without a scooter you got everything you need withing walking distance: restaurants, fruit shops, supermarkets.

Koh Phangan is paradise especially for those who love yoga and plant-based food. My favorite cafés around Beachub were Karma Cafe, Mimi’s Cafe, Warung, Footprint Cafes, What’s Cup and Bubba’s Coffee. There are just so many! I also included them in the map above so you can add them to your list.

These were my favorite three activities on Koh Phangan:

I Joining Yoga classes

I love joining yoga classes as every teacher is so different and you can kind of create your own style and try out different yoga styles and poses. Koh Phangan is a yogi island and there are many schools that offer drop-in classes as well as yoga teacher trainings (YTT). For me as a working nomad I unfortunately couldn’t join the YTT as this requires a more than 8 hours commitment per day. I therefore joined some classes at Orion Healing center. They are a 15 minutes walk away from Beachub (it’s best to walk along Srithanu beach). The yoga shala is right by the ocean and the energies of this place are amazing. What I loved about Orion Healing was that the graduates of the YTT offer free classes. So you can both pay for a drop-in class (300 THB) and also join free classes by the students.

II Explore the island

We spent the weekends exploring the island. You’re into hiking and viewpoints? Go and see bottle beach viewpoint. It’s absolutely breathtaking and probably one of the best viewpoints I’ve ever seen. You’re more into whitesand beaches? Check out Haad Rin. I love that this beach is so big with fine sand and clear water. Another nice one is Had Yao – there it’s best to save a spot in the first row of CocoLocco and have a drink while watching the waves. Another nice trip is up north to Ko Ma. Depending on the tide you can walk to the small island and go snorkeling.

view from bottle beach viewpoint
Stunning bottle beach viewpoint

III Volunteer

If you want to do something meaningful during your time on Koh Phangan and you’re staying for longer then why not volunteer at Koh Phangan Animal Care for Strays (PACS)? This center does an amazing job taking care of injured stray animals, giving vaccinations and sterilisations. They rely entirely on donations and volunteers to provide these services to the animals. You could for example volunteer as a normal helper or if you have medical background even better. I went there almost every second day to help feeding the animals (mostly dogs), cleaning the area and walking some of them. Going there made me feel good but was also very much appreciated by the manager as every helping hand is important. If you’re not too much into animals a donation will make a huge difference!

Things to consider

Last but not least there are a few things though which I think one should consider when staying in a beach bungalow and working in an open space office in Thailand. Never leave your food somewhere unattended for too long. You only have to blink and it will be conquered by really tiny ants. Also bare in mind these ants can always access your bungalow. As well as mosquitos, geckos, spiders and many more from the insect species. When working outside in the afternoon it’s also important to protect yourself from the mosquitos as they’re relentless at this time of the day. Other than that there’s a lot of sand which will also end up in the workspace and your bungalow. Living in the nature by the sea does come with some specialties…

seaview from workspace seahub
Seaview from the shared workspace
way to zen beach from beachub
Zen beach only one minute away

Other than that…

I absolutely loved my stay at Beachub coworking on Koh Phangan and would definitely recommend to come there! Rent a bungalow for at least a month, live by the sea and have the most amazing worklife ever. It’s a beautiful and unique place.

If you have any questions about the stay or want to know more, please leave your comment down below and I’ll get back to you! Have a great day.

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