My moving home office setup

My job is 100 % home office based, which makes it possible for me to move around and work from different places. This implies though, that I can’t set up a permanent work station. In this article I’ll introduce my home office setup. It is light, flexible and I can still work efficiently – perfect for digital nomads or any people who need to travel with their office.

To start off, I want to introduce BYOD. BYOD stands for “bring your own device”. It means that people use their private gadgets to work. In my case, I’m using my private laptop and phone – an All-in-one solution. My work and private data is all on one gadget, safe and sound, separated on two different accounts. Therefore, there’s only one laptop to carry around.

When travelling around there are some basic requirements regarding the work station. I personally prefer placing my valuable technical stuff into my carry-on, as I don’t want it to be damaged. Therefore it has to be light weighted, handy and flexible. And obviously because of the fact that the location changes every now and then.

My personal game-changer

As you can imagine, working with one screen can become quite inconvenient after some time. My laptops’ 15 inch works fine for me – however, depending on the work I do it can become restricting in some way. Stumbling across the portable Asus ZenScreen* was a game-changer for me. This is no paid ad, but just pure excitement I have to share. It took me over a year to even think about having a second screen just because I thought it would be a pain in the ass. Well, it isn’t. I got myself this screen as a Christmas present and now we’re kinda on our honeymoon in London.

Giving you some facts: 15.6 inch, 1920×1080, 0.71 kg, 8mm profile

The facts basically speak for themselves. The screen is lightweighted and has a good resolution. But the very best thing is that there is only one cable needed. With the included USB-C cable the screen connects with any laptop and also gets its power from there. The smart case does not only protect the monitor but can also be easily folded to prop the monitor up in either portrait or landscape mode. When not using the smart case you can also insert a pen into the pen hole. Soooo smart! I’m just hyped and think this is the absolute perfect solution for digital nomads or anyone who wants a flexible workstation.

Other portable screens

Here is another portable screen which is really good. I’ve only heard good things about it from other digital nomads:

mobile home office
mobile home office

Summing up, this is my moving “home” office setup. Total weight is around 2 kilos.

  • laptop | update 2022: Lenovo ideapad 5
  • mouse
  • ASUS* portable screen

As I haven’t really seen people working with any portable screens during my travels I thought this might be an interesting insight and inspiration. Also because it can be hard to imagine how people work without having a permanent workplace. This kind of work station is of course very hard to compare to a proper office, but having the right gadgets definitely enhances productivity and thus work feeling and motivation.

*This is an independent and unpaid review. However, if you decide to buy the product through the Amazon link provided I’ll get a small provision. Thank you!

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