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How to save money on food in London in 2023

How to save money on food costs London

Living in London is known to be rather expensive. Looking at food costs, the prices are in general higher in the city than in supermarkets on the countryside. If I compare the food costs to Germany, prices are also usually 10-20 % higher. With a few tricks you can live cheap and healthy though. Talking […]

Four ways to do good while traveling

At a pretty early stage in my life I noticed that I want to do more than travel around and be a tourist. I didn’t just want go to a country, have a good time, use lots of resources and then leave after one or two weeks. It felt much better to contribute in some […]

4 eco-friendly and useful Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is around the corner. If you’re still worrying about what to get for your loved ones, you should have a look at this blogpost. I show you four eco-friendly and useful Christmas gift ideas. And in case it’s already too late for Christmas: They’re also great for other seasons or occasions.

Rate your food and make a change with abillionveg

What if you could support organizations by having a vegan meal? By only writing a short review? Would be great, right? Good news – it is possible with: abillionveg. Take a photo, rate the dish and make a contribution. It is as easy as it sounds. I feel like more people should know about this […]