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Rate your food and make a change with abillionveg


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What if you could support organizations by having a vegan meal? By only writing a short review? Would be great, right? Good news – it is possible with: abillionveg. Take a photo, rate the dish and make a contribution. It is as easy as it sounds. I feel like more people should know about this app. So let me tell you how it works & help make a change – even though you’re not on a 100 % plant-based diet.

This blogpost was updated in 2023.

The concept

With the abillionveg you share a review on any plant-based dish & product around the world. The reviews will appear on a map which can then be seen by any other app user. So let’s say you’re going to Bangkok and would like to see vegan places in your area, you just open abillionveg and can see the rated dishes and restaurants. The best thing: The ratings come with photos so you can find out more about the size and looks! It’s a place for sharing recommendations and plant-based food experiences.

What is even more amazing is that with each review, a certain amount of money will be donated to impactful projects, e.g. in animal welfare. So by just enjoying a meal and sharing a review you can help sanctuary’s around the world (and choose which ones should receive the donations).

Smoothie Bowl BongBrothers Siem Reap
Healthy & nutritious food is very important to me while traveling
abillionveg my portfolio
My growing billionveg portfolio

Who benefits from abillionveg

In my opinion you don’t need to be vegan or even label your diet to use abillionveg. I’m not 100% vegan myself – but when I do eat vegan, I try using the app. There are three groups that benefit from your review:

1 Foodies like me and you

As a lot of people are consuming meals and plant-based products and sharing them on abillionveg the content is growing on a daily basis. So is the map, which can then be used by me and you. I recently went to Vietnam and was trying to find vegan restaurants. Super easy with abillionveg! I just had a short glance at the map and looked at the different dishes to make my choice.

2 Social organizations focused on conservation & diet change

abillionveg donates 10 dollars per 10 qualifying reviews to their partners. They are leading conservation, education and diet change efforts in areas like agriculture, public policy, education and within their communities.

3 Business owners

Businesses and restaurants can be listed on the app and be seen by potential new customers. They can also get an insight into what people think about their menu & dishes and therefore improve step by step. They get the chance to become more sustainable, get more reviews and therefore contribute to a sustainable world. It’s a positive circle.

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Step by step to your donation

how to use abillionveg
How to make a posting on abillionveg

It only takes 4 steps and less than 5 minutes to give your review. Take a photo – choose if it’s a product or a dish – choose brand/restaurant – rate and review – done! After a few reviews you can then choose one or more organizations you would like to donate the money to.

You are interested to give it a try? Download the app on your Android or Apple device and start making a change today!

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