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DIY trip from Surat Thani to Padang Besar Border

Sunrise Gulf of Thailand

There are plenty of ways to book a trip to cross the Padang Besar border from Thailand to Malaysia with a travel agency. Especially the journey from Surat Thani (Thailand) to Penang / Georgetown (Malaysia) is a very common traveller route. However, if you want to do this trip by yourself and maybe spend just […]

Koh Koh Pups Koh Tao – How a dog rescue stole my heart

For today’s blog post, I wanted to share a little story about something that has been a part of my daily life here on Koh Tao since December 2021. It actually became so normal to me that I’ve never shared it on my blog before. Why? I asked myself this question today and don’t know […]

How to get from Bangkok to Koh Tao in 2023

Haad Tien Koh Tao

Are you planning to visit Koh Tao? This is your guide how to get from Bangkok to Koh Tao. I also included possible onward journeys to the neighbour islands Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. Spend some time in this paradise place, get into diving or go exploring its white-sand beaches. There is plenty of things […]

Positive sides of coming back to Germany from Thailand

Did you come back to Germany after a long trip abroad recently? And you’re having a hard time to adapt? If yes: I did too. But I do have some simple, positive sides for you to appreciate until the next departure. These are also differences I discovered between Germany and Thailand (or also other South […]

How my biggest fear became my passion – open water to dive master

sail rock koh tao

It’s storytime. Matching with the latest post about my first liveaboard experience to the Similan & Surin islands in Thailand this one is about diving as well. To be more specific it is about how one of my biggest fears became my passion. How I became a dive master. Looking back to two years ago […]

My liveaboard experience in Thailand – Similan & Surin islands on MV Pawara


Imagine waking up on a boat, watching the sunrise from your cabin and having an exciting day of diving ahead of you. You’ll get to explore the unique underwater world of the Similan and Surin islands in Thailand. If you’re lucky you might spot Whale sharks or Manta rays. And all of this every day […]

Top 5 breakfast cafes on Koh Tao in 2023

cafe at factory cafe koh tao

Chapters Click here to support placesoflinda This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase by clicking a link. You still pay the same! All content you see is based on my opinion and personal recommendation. Learn more. Having a wholesome breakfast or brunch is the best […]

Top 5 things to do on Koh Tao in 2023

Koh Tao is one of Thailands most beautiful and special islands. It’s famous for snorkeling and scuba diving as there is coral reef around the island. Although Koh Tao is only 8 km long and 3 km wide, there are plenty of things to do. I’ve lived on the island for over six months and […]

Hike to Koh Tao lighthouse including map

Koh Tao lighthouse

Koh Tao is truly a paradise island. With its stunning coral reefs that make it the perfect scuba diving destination, this small gem in the Gulf of Thailand also features beautiful jungle and tropical hikes. One of them is the renowned lighthouse hike, leading you to a hidden lighthouse at the northeast tip of the […]

Cost of living in Thailand 2022

How expensive is it living on an island in Thailand? I spent a few months on Koh Tao in 2020 and now I’m living on Koh Phangan. This post gives an insight into cost of living including accommodation, transport, food and activities.