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How to extend the E-Visa for Indonesia & fix for common issue

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In 2020 Indonesia implemented an electronic visa (E-visa) system which makes the life of travellers much easier. Firstly, you can obtain your visa online before arriving in Indonesia. Secondly, you can extend your tourist visa within only a minute instead of visiting a local immigration office and wasting at least 3-4 days. The E-visa system is helpful for foreign travellers who visit the country for tourism, business, or social-cultural purposes.

While the whole process for applying was quite smooth, my partner and I discovered some issues when extending our tourist visas for Indonesia. After some research I realized that other people also had issues with the activation link and not being able to log into their imigrasi profile. With this blogpost I’d like to share possible solutions and create an up to date space to discuss upcoming problems and help each other on how to fix them.

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Main objectives of the Indonesian E-visa

The Indonesian E-Visa system is super helpful as it saves you time at the immigration counter when arriving in the country. You also don’t have to adapt your route to physically visit one of the immigration offices in order to extend your tourist visa.

I applied for the Single-Entry Visitor Visa (B211A) 3 days before arriving in Indonesia. Some posts online suggest that the e-visa takes 3 to 4 business days to process. In my case however it only took a few seconds. After filling out the online forms and transferring the payment I immediately received the visa via e-mail and pdf. Just follow the steps on the official E-visa Website for Indonesia to obtain your visa.

When I arrived in Indonesia I showed the digital pdf at the immigration counter and they put a sticker with the visa information into my passport. All in all a much faster process than going through the normal visa on arrival process.

Sunset view from Gili Trawangan over Mount Agung Bali
Tegallalang rice terrace

Indonesian E-Visa issue & fix

This blogpost contains the issue I’ve had so far with using the Indonesian E-Visa platform. If you have experienced different ones please share them in the comments below! I can then tell you more about how it worked for me or other travellers can suggest a solution.

I tried to contact the E-visa team via Facebook and E-Mail but even after 4 days waiting there had not been any reaction. If you really can’t fix your problem I suggest to go to the closest immigration office instead and process your visa application or extension in person. I doubt that the immigration would care about technical issues with the E-visa system when you leave Indonesia and have overstayed.

Update 12/2023: Thanks to everyone for commenting under this blogpost & trying to help each other out! In general, if you can’t find a way to extend your visa or the extension button doesn’t work I recommend to find the nearest immigration and get it done there. You should be able to extend your visa 1-2 weeks before it expires. Don’t wait for the last day, hoping it would work. If it doesn’t allow you to extend from the beginning, it’s not likely it will work at all.

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Account not active and log in not possible

Please note: Make sure to first go through the application steps to obtain your visa: This should work without the account activation.

When I created my profile (gmx e-mail address) on the E-visa platform I immediately received an activation link and could easily log into my profile a month later when I wanted to extend my visa. My partner however never received that activation link and was therefore not able to log into his profile. The E-visa system showed the following message: Profile not activated. However there was no option to resend the activation link or access the profile. He therefore thought he wouldn’t be able to extend his visa online.

Possible fix: You don’t necessarily need to log into the E-visa system to access and extend your visa.

Option A: You should have received an e-mail from ‘DIREKTORAT JENDERAL IMIGRASI REPUBLIK INDONESIA <>’ with the subject ‘Indonesia Immigration One Platform System – EVISA’. This e-mail confirms that your visa application has been received and contains a link to check your visa status. If you click on that link it will forward you to a page where you can download your E-visa. On the visa document is a QR-code at the bottom of the page. Just scan the QR-Code. It will forward you to a page looking like the one below.

Click on ‘extend’ and then follow the steps to extend your Indonesian E-visa. No password, activated account or log in details needed. If you have never received that e-mail I don’t know how to access the page unfortunately as the link doesn’t contain either batch or visa number and is therefore not rebuildable.

Extend E-Visa Indonesia

Option B: A traveller shared the following link in the comments below and found a way to find and extend the visa through it:

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Mount Batur view from Montana Cafe

Do you need further help?

Summing up: If you receive the activation email right after making the first application, make sure to activate your profile right away. Then you shouldn’t have a problem to extend your visa. Also make sure to save the email leading to the batch where you can access the pdf of the E-visa which contains the QR-code. If you have one or both of these things then there shouldn’t be any problems to extend!

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Have you experienced other issues with your e-visa? Are you stuck? Let me know in the comments below and we can try to find a solution together with this travel community!

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56 Responses

  1. Hi!
    Interesting info. Thanks!
    I’m considering a 60-day eVOA just to be safe and not having any issues with the extension of the 30-day eVOA. But the former is 3x the price of the latter. Do you know why? I’d prefer to save a few bucks and do the 30-day eVOA + extension but is there a risk of not getting the extension approved?

    1. Hi! I think the 60 day is more expensive as you can theoretically extend that for another 30 days and it allows a longer stay in general.
      Hmmm, what’s your travel plan? In case you have any problems extending online (which you can do a few days before end date) you could still go to the closest immigration office (e.g. Mataram, Denpasar…) in the worst case. 😊 But if you get the activation email when you first apply, and that email with the link leading to your batch then it shouldn’t be a problem to extend the visa online as well. 😊

  2. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before but after looking
    at some of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow,
    I’m certainly delighted I stumbled upon it and I’ll be book-marking
    it and checking back often!

  3. Hey Beth! Thank you for reading my blogpost. So these are possible fixes that come to my mind:

    1. When you log onto the molina.imigrasi portal, does the main bar at the top have the button ‘extend’? What happens if you click on it?

    2. Have you checked your e-mails for the one with the subject ‘Indonesia Immigration One Platform System – EVISA’? There’s a link in the e-mail which forwards you to a page where you can download the e-visa document. There should be a QR code at the bottom – What happens when you scan the QR code? Does that lead you to a page where you can extend?

    3. If none of that works I recommend to go to the closest immigration office around 4-5 days before your visa expires and get it extended there.

    I hope one of these work!

    1. I have the same error with my son’s Visa. The rest of the family worked just fine since the button was visible. His weren’t. Incredibly frustrating. We do have the QR code (it will be on the second page if you print the PDF) but it also does not work; the QR code works but the page does not allow us to extend.

      I’ve texted every contact possible, but they all say I must show up at the immigration. However that requires a APITO registration, which appears to not work since the “quota” of applicants has been used for the last 6 days?! Going to have to just show up with my 8 months old son. Good times /s

  4. I’m 10 days into my visa and love it so thinking about extending. If i extend now – will they restart the 30 days? Or does the new 30 days always start at the end of my current EVisa. My main concern is applying too soon and actually loosing the days on my first EVISA.

    1. Hi Jones, thanks for your question! I extended my visa 5 days before the expiry date and it automatically extended to the last possible date, so independent from the day of extension. I think extending now should be fine & the 30 days will be counted from the end day of your current visa.
      Have a great time in Indonesia!


  5. Hi,

    I got a Visa on arrival at the airport in Denpasar. Is it possible to extend this Visum online?


    1. Hi Ellis! Welcome to Indonesia. 🙂 Unfortunately you can only extend the visa online if you have received your first one online as well. Therefore you need to go to the immigration office.

      Have a great time!

  6. Thanks, Linda, for your fast reply. Think I’ve got a problem. My visa is until 6th of October and I will be back from Gili T. 7th of October… Do you know what to do (except returning earlier)?


    1. Hey! Sorry my reply is a bit late now. How did you do it in the end? My suggestion would’ve been to pay a visit at the immigration office in Lombok, Mataram for the extension. Otherwise you’re risking an overstay which I think costs around 25 USD per day. Not too bad but it will be shown in your passport.

    1. Hey it even didn’t work out from this link. I still don’t get an activation link to set up an account. Any other idears? Thanks in advance

      1. Hey Julian! Did you successfully get your visa by following the steps of the link? The account activation is something that has to be done only after that. Also after getting your visa did you receive an e-mail with from ‘DIREKTORAT JENDERAL IMIGRASI REPUBLIK INDONESIA ’ with the subject ‘Indonesia Immigration One Platform System – EVISA’? Through that there’s a way to do the extension without an activated profile.

      1. Hi, if I get a e visa for 60 days online, can I extended for another 60 days online ?
        If not able to extended online, can be extended in a immigration office ?

        1. Hi Fe! I’m not 100 % sure as I haven’t used that visa type yet. However I read online: The 211a visa can be extended 2 times for 60 days each time, but if you obtained the visa yourself, you will need to add a sponsor for the extension.

          You could apply online for the first 60 days and if the extension turns out to be difficult maybe go to immigration instead? The immigration in Lombok back then said they can help me with the extension in case it doesn’t work online.


  7. Thank you, Linda.
    This type of visa requires more documents to obtain. I don’t know if I can get it, but will try.



  8. Hello, thank you for the blogpost.

    Does anyone know why the 211A 60 days-Tourism Visa can‘t be Extended?

    When I Applied for it, the info page said it could be extended. Now after receiving it, there is an information on the visa itself stating that this can’t be extended.

    Any help would be highly appreciated!


    1. Hey! I think because the online extension requires more documents like a sponsor which probably need to be shown in person. This is my guess.


  9. Hey, I’ve made Visa B213, and activated the account. I’m 15 days in Bali already. I can log in to my account.
    However, when I click on “extend” button and go to the payment part, the page is stuck on “waiting for payment”, and no matter how many times I click on “make a payment” – I’m either getting server error page, or nothing happens.
    This has been the case for the last 7 days.
    Has anyone encountered the same?
    I wonder if I’d need to go to an agency to do it manually
    Seems like the website has so many errors and issues and it’s impossible to extend

    1. Hey! I haven’t heard of the issue.. maybe someone else who reads this? Have you tried with a different device, inkognito mode etc?


  10. I advise AGAINST getting a 30 day visa if you want to stay longer. I emailed immegration prior to getting the visa and they said it was very easy, just scan the QR code. The QR code did not work for us, trying to access the website did not work for us, emailing immegration for two weeks asking them to provide a link for us to extend did not work. Going into immegration offices in various locations in indonesia did not work as they said they would do it but we would have to collect our passport in 4 days time – which was impossible for us as we were travelling to various different places and the places we stayed longer than 4 days were remote so there was no immegration office. At the airport we were pulled over and ordered to pay 14million in CASH or they would cancel our flight and end up deporting us. Even after showing them written proof of all our effots to get a link to extend. They were very aggressive and it has completely ruiened our holiday. The online does not work, the immegration in Sarong said exactly this: sometimes it works but most of the time it doesnt. This is a money making scheme by the government. While we were trying to get money out of various cash machines in the airport we came accross two others that were in exactly the same situation as us. DONT RISK IT!

  11. Hello! Time to extend my e visa and i can now see that i Also did not receive the e mail to activate the account… So i cant extend it..any helps from someones that resolves this issue?

    1. Hey! Any success with that document showing the link with the QR code as described? The QR Code forwarded me to a site where I could extend the visa without logging in.
      Best, Linda

  12. We have a batch of 4 e-visas and try to extend it…today is the last day…and the extend button on the top of the page says No data available in table. We tried it yesterday and thought it was an error. But now the same. I don’t know what to do. We are in Nusa Penida with the family!

    1. Hey Mikko, very sorry to heart that… from the comments of other people here recently it seems like the immigration website is causing a lot of troubles these days. It’s probably best to make your way to the next immigration asap, just to be sure. Fingers crossed, I hope it works out well for you guys!

    2. Hi Mikko, me and my girlfriend are currently in Bali and just wanted to extend our visas. I have no issue buy my girlfriend is having the same problem and isn’t seeing any data in the extend tab. Did you manage to resolve the issue and if so how did you go about it?

  13. Hi! I’ve tried this several times, it says email already exists, so I tried my brothers email and it said error, contact administrator.. If I try retrieve password, it says my original email isn’t in the system. Also, it says my passport number is wrong, while it reads it from the passport perfectly. It’s such a hassle, tried on 2 occasions already 🙁 Have no clue on how to fix this, travelling Asia it’s a huge disadvantage

  14. Hello. Thanks for the post. Helped me to extend! So I think I extended. And I have a payment confirmation. But now in my account under action it just shows Evisa and no button to extend (cos im assum I ng I already did)
    But other than the payment confirmation, no confirmation of extension and no updated date on the evisa I can download. Did you get any confirmation? Or do you think I’m OK without one? Thanks!

    1. Hi Rhia, unfortunately I have the same situation like you. So I have the payment confirmation (from the payment processor called FinPay), but no other confirmation from the government. I tried since two days now to get help via multiple channels (mail, twitter, online chat) but nothing works and I got no answer at all.
      I start wondering like you if the payment confirmation is enough or not, but I asked a friend who extended a while ago and she told me the she got another QR code on the molina website that was essential for the border control when she left indonesia.
      I think I will go to the immigration office in the upcoming days to see if they can fix my problem. Let’s see if that works.

      1. Hello! I am having the same issue. Did you manage to get in touch with immigration to resolve this? Please can you update us on what happened!

      2. I have the same issue. I extended my visa for 30 days in December & received the finpay emails but unable to access extension on the government website. I’m stuck on Gili T so will have to face immigration at the airport on 19/1/24 & see what they say 😬

        1. Hi Mike, Would love to hear what your experience was when leaving yesterday without proof of e-voa extension as we are doing this tomorrow?

  15. I also have the same issue as others. When I go to the Extension tab or scan the QR code, same outcome. Just a blank page. Maybe after 14 days it will be possible but not sure. Harsh reality is that the Indonesian Visa System is absolute crap. The website often doesn’t work, there is no support (tried to contact several times through email, facebook, twitter, live chat and never any reply). Quite unbelievable for such a touristic country. Makes me not want to visit again. Last time I already had to extend in Bandung immigration office because it didn’t work for me online. Was an absolute shitshow. Go several times (and have to be careful about their lunch breaks) and they send you around making copies and prints for them of your return ticket and other documents. I am not sure if in Bali is the same but the officers there were just incredibly lazy fcks. Imagine paying 500k for extension and then they charge you extra few thousands for the copies and prints plus the time I invested each visit. Never again please.

  16. Hi guys!

    Just a heads up, me and my partner had the same issue. Our EVOA expires today, and yesterday we found out that the extension option is NOT working (ooops!) We were panicking a bit because of the overstay fines of 1 mln per day and because you normally have to start the process for extension about 2 weeks befor the visa expires. We had only 1 day left. We went to a visa consulting company and they helped us a lot. We have to manually extend the EVOA but they organized everything today. If you start the process before 10 in the morning on the day of expiring, it’s still possible and you don’t have to pay overstay fines. We only have to go to Immigration once to leave our fingerprint. Of course we have to pay the consulting office a fee but it’s only 400.000 and it saves you going to Immigration twice! Totally recommend 🙂

    1. Hey Maria, I just wanna know how is this visa consulting company’s name?, I’m having the same issue

  17. Thanks for highlighting these issues with the 30 day tourist visa. I am due to buy visas for my family for our visit, and I am hoping the extend works as we will need to do this for our trip! It is at least good to know that there are problems so I won’t leave doing the extension until the last minute.

    I found another really useful site for those having problems extending. It does not involve needing QR codes at all. It I will be using it when I come to extend! Hopefully it will help some others having trouble:

    1. Hi Nina!
      That’s my article!
      I used the method in the article myself to extend the eVoA just a few days ago (early January 2024).
      Spread the word, let’s help more people 🙂
      (Sorry to hi-jack your blogpost, Linda)

      1. This is a SUPER helpful article, Simon! Thank you so much! I am still having problems – after I fill out my passport / nationality / birth date info I get an error message that says “no data found”. Anyone else seeing this? Any workarounds?

  18. We have paid to extend and received a receipt but no evisa! I have emailed them 15 times and no one seems capable of assisting. Thinking now we will have to go to the immigration office in Denpasar Grrrrrrr

    1. I had the same issue and emailed or DMed the immigration and I even went to the immigration office but none of them helped. I had to face at the airport today and just passed the custom. I just showed a receipt and they checked my status and let me go. They can see your status and you are fine as long as you paid and have a receipt! I hope this helps everyone who has the same issue!

  19. Anyone who has had an issue with doing the e-VOA extension but unable to download the pdf, you don’t need to worry too much. Me and my girlfriend recently had this issue and tried really hard to contact them, we even went to immigration in Denpasar but it wasn’t much luck as the e-VOA is dealt with by Jakarta. Soo when it came to our flight, we printed out the email proof of payment from finpay and screenshotted the online system to show at immigration when leaving through the airport. The immigration officer checked something on the system and let us through with no problem – they must have lots of people with the same issue. We were very stressed about the whole thing so I hope hearing about our experience reassures anyone with the same problem.

  20. HeyHey,

    I also recommend this Link:

    I followed the steps and now i extented my eVOA! Juhuu!

    „Step 1: Log in to your account on Molina.
    That’s why it was important to register an account, even though Molina says it’s not necessary. Yeah, it isn’t, until you want to extend it, then it most certainly is.

    If you didn’t sign up for an account, do so now. It’s easier, especially if you intend to ever get another eVOA online.

    Step 2: PANIC because you don’t see your application in the EXTEND section.

    Step 3: Go back to the home screen and retrieve the eVoA. Follow the same procedure as when you had to pay.

    Go back to the home screen of Molina, click “Retrieve e-Visa”, fill in your info, and see the applications you have made.

    Pick the ACTIVE ONE. This is the one that has a green “PAID” note next to it.

    Once there, the process becomes straightforward.

    Fill in the information required;
    Pay! It’s 519.500 IDR too.
    Receive PDF confirmation on your email;
    It’s so simple actually. No need to visit the immigration and no need to pay an agent to do it for you.“

    Good luck!

  21. Hello guys!

    I am currently in the process of planning a trip to Indonesia and have been researching the Visa on Arrival (VoA) requirements. One aspect that has caught my attention is the necessity for a departure flight proof during the VoA application process.

    Considering my planned 35-day stay in Indonesia, I am curious to know whether it is permissible to provide a departure flight proof that falls within the extended visa period. For instance, if I were to present a flight proof scheduled 35 days after my arrival in Indonesia, which aligns with the extended validity period, would this be considered acceptable?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Best regards,

  22. Hi,
    I arrived 2 days ago in Bali with e-voa 30 day. I’m already looking for extend it but after retrieve e visa I can see my status is paid when I click on details status is approved but in action part there is only a link to get my visa and nothing to extend it like I can see on internet. Should I have to wait more ? or it normally appear straight after enter the country ?
    Thanks a lot for all of your infos

  23. Hey Cameron! As you’ve entered on a different visa I think you will have to extend the on arrival visa. But maybe you can ask at the immigration if you can somehow use the 60 day one instead? Good luck and have a great time in Indonesia!

  24. Should I receive a new email if I extend my visa online? I have paid for it but havent received a new PDF with the QR code?

    1. Hi Jazzy, I didn’t receive an email after extending either. 😊 At the immigration at the airport they could check in their system I successfully extended. In case they ask you I would show them the bank payment.

  25. Well, I have a new one for you. There is a significant bug in the system for me. I’ve successfully applied for a B211 2 times before on the website. My last trip was in September 2023 and I departed in October 2023 well before the 60 days was up. I am returning to Indonesia and tried to apply online for another B211 but I am getting the error “You already had stay permit active” and it is not allowing me to apply for another. When I go to the “Extend” section, it shows my stay permit from my last trip with validity dates of September to an expiry date of November. (Remember, I left in October!) Under status, it says “Active” – and this is probably what is causing the error.

    The live chat website and general website they direct you to is down ( and e-mails to both and have gone unanswered. Arriving and doing the VOA then extending in person is not an option for me because I will be in a very remote area during that time with no access to immigration offices. The consulate has no visibility to the molina/e-visa system and can’t do anything from their end. Their only solution is to apply through them.

    Has anyone had luck with the live chat or e-mail replies from them? Has anyone else had this issue? How did you resolve it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jen, how are you ? Same Same here Impossible to apply for an e-VOA with same message “You already had stay permit active” ? Did you find any solution ? Arriving tomorrow and kind of got used to do all online in one click, if I can avoid Immigration hussle and many trips there or avoid any agent fee for this 🙂 Thanks !