30 day challenge – birthday gift DIY

When it comes to birthday gifts I personally prefer giving and receiving something mostly non-material: having food, spending time together or… giving 30 paper cards. Each card comes with a challenge – 30 of them. The good thing is that you can include all of the things I just mentioned and also come up with your own ideas. With this post I wanna give you some inspiration…

All you need is…

– 30 paper cards
– your favourite pens (I used a black and a golden one)
– twine and a flower
– to think about what your friend especially likes

Then you basically start writing down one challenge / quote / … on a card. The idea is that your friend can read one card a day and gets to do one task. Or you just give him or her a gift, for example a voucher to go to the cinema, on one of the 30 days. Or he or she can read a nice quote. There are no limits – whether the cards are about food, self-care, awareness, travel, minimalism, sports or just jokes. This is probably the simplest but also a – in my opinion – meaningful and – depending on your creativity – a very personal (birthday) gift. In the pictures below you can see my 30 ideas, but for more inspiration I recommend having a look on Pinterest.

30 day challenge
1 Buy a nice book (I included a voucher for a bookstore)
2 Go for a 30 minute walk
3 Treat yourself with something
4 Be mindful today – with everything you do
5 Write down three things your thankful for at the end of the day.
6 Get rid of three things you don’t need anymore (kitchen, closet, …)
7 Take a selfie and send it to me
8 Try something new today
9 Try not to produce plastic waste today
10 Don’t get stressed today
11 Abstain from sugar today
12 Meditate for 10-15 minutes
13 Spend the evening without internet and light a candle
14 Cook something nice for you (and your friend)
15 Take 10 deep breaths
16 Write down three visions / wishes for next year
17 Don’t say a negative word or have a negative thought today
18 Be yourself today, a 100 %
19 Stretch before going to sleep
20 Drink more than 2,5 litres of water
21 Plan your next date.. with yourself
22 Look in the mirror and give yourself your best smile
23 Try to spend as little time on your phone as possible
24 Tell yourself what you feel especially proud of. You sure can be – you’re great
25 Take some time to relax
26 Think about who or what is not good for you – and separate from it
27 Take more than 10.000 steps
28 Plan your next date with a lovely person
29 Do 5 push-ups
30 Give these cards to someone who you think should do this challenge. Have fun!

On the last card I wrote: “Give these cards to another person who you think should do the challenge.” I think passing them around and sharing the challenge with friends can be quite cool – one of 12 months of their year will definitely be different from the others. To keep the cards together I wrapped a twine around them, put a dried flower on top – et voilà!

What is your favourite (birthday) gift to give to your friends?

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