How a LASIK eye surgery changed my life

LASIK eye surgery after
My LASIK eye surgery ended a 13 year relationship with glasses and contact lenses. I’m guiding you along my personal journey, the pre-examination and the surgery itself. Furthermore I’m sharing my biggest worries before the procedure and will give answers to them from today’s perspective.

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Why I love being a digital nomad

Casa Netural Coliving
What on earth is a digital nomad and how can this lifestyle benefit your life? Read more about why I love being a digital nomad. This is a personal insight after three years of experience. Get inspired and find out if this way of working & living is for you.

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How to save money on food in London

How to save money on food costs London
Living in London is known to be rather expensive. Looking at food costs, the prices are in general higher in the city than in supermarkets on the countryside. If I compare the food costs to Germany, prices are also usually 10-20 % higher. With a few tricks you can live cheap and healthy though. Talking about figures: Fresh, healthy food, three meals a day for 15-20 pounds per week per person. I’ll tell you how.

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Alone in a new city: London edition

Working remotely makes it possible to be much more flexible in daily life and also to choose where to live. Looking at reality though it can be a quite lonely lifestyle. Especially when moving to a new place it takes effort to build up a social network and find things to do. This post will give you inspiration and show you how to find like-minded people and social activities when moving to a new city. The most recent place for me was London, therefore this is the London edition of “Alone in a new city”. It’s for the digital nomads who work remotely, for those who work from home and those who are feeling lonely in the UK’s capital city.

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Guide: Day trip to Seven Sisters from London

Seven Sisters Views
Get ready for an amazing day out visiting the famous chalk peaks in the South of England: The Seven Sisters. After just an one hour train ride from London, you’ll find yourself breathing salty sea air and hearing the waves crashing against the cliffs. This is your guide for a day trip from London including a hike along the cliffs.

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Six things to do in London off the beaten track

Who doesn’t have Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge & Co. on their “to see”-list when coming to London? Which is fair, as these sights are well known around the whole world and quite stunning in real life. But if you are looking for a more local experience and want to see London from a different perspective you may like the following six things to do in London off the beaten track.

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Positive sides of coming back to Germany from Thailand

Did you come back to Germany after a long trip abroad recently? And you’re having a hard time to adapt? If yes: I did too. But I do have some simple, positive sides for you to appreciate until the next departure. These are also differences I discovered between Germany and Thailand (or also other South East Asian countries) not many people really are aware of.

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