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Cruz del Carmen to Chinamada hike

Tenerife Guide: Cruz del Carmen to Chinamada hike

Seven Sisters Views

Guide: Day trip to Seven Sisters from London


Six things to do in London off the beaten track

Welcome to placesoflinda

My name is Linda. I’m a creative mind, world explorer and content creator with German roots. After working remotely and traveling around with my remote workspace for three years, I decided to quit. I’m currently on a different journey which is about exploring different places around the world, learning new things and engaging in volunteer projects. 

With ‘placesoflinda’ I’m taking you along this journey. My aim is to inspire you and to share useful travel advice so you can create the life you want to live.

The digital nomad life

You are working remotely & living in different countries? Get inspired by this lifestyle, find out more about colivings and share your own experiences!

El Teide nationalpark Tenerife

New chapter & biggest decision of my life

digital nomad

Why I don't love being a digital nomad

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