Four ways to do good while traveling

At a pretty early stage in my life I noticed that I want to do more than travel around and be a tourist. I didn’t just want go to a country, have a good time, use lots of resources and then leave after one or two weeks. It felt much better to contribute in some way apart from spending money. Here are four ways for you to do good while traveling and make your trip much more meaningful.

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Help animals on their journey to a new home

You’re flying back to your home country and want to do something good with your flight? Why not become a flight volunteer and help an animal on its journey to a new home? In this article I’ll show you how you can do a good deed with a flight and only small effort – how you can become a flight volunteer.

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Volunteering while travelling

Kuscheln mit Hunden

During my travels I love to volunteer in different projetcs for a few weeks: Whether it’s teaching English in a school on Bali, helping out in an Animal Rescue Project in Costa Rica or supporting an elephant shelter for a week in the jungle of Cambodia. For me, volunteering while travelling is an incredibly enriching experience. Each time I learn so much about the culture and the projects’ background. Plus I can give back something very valuable: time and energy. There’s no doubt that I reached my limits and got out of my comfort zone each time, but also I’ve grown so much and broadened my horizon. This article is about how you can become a volunteer and what I think is important to take into account before starting a project.

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