How to find the right hostel

As probably many of us, I’m eagerly waiting to leave the country and start backpacking again. Deep inside I know though, that it might take quite a while til the world becomes “normal” again (which makes me wonder if the way we lived can even be described as “normal”, but that’s another story). However, there’s […]

Three things I always do when I visit a city

When I explored new cities I used to make a “To see-List”. The downside: Instead of having some relaxing days, I rather ended up doing a stressful hunt for sights. Ticking them off didn’t give me any pleasure so I changed my routine – and found three things I do each time I visit a […]

How to extend your visa in Pai, Thailand

Die Natur Pai's

When I arrived in Pai I never thought that I’d end up staying there for two weeks. As those two weeks were already half of my 30 day visa and I wanted to see much more of this country, I decided to get a visa extension. In this article I want to share my experience […]

Traveling Cambodia alone for three weeks – itinerary

Cambodia. There is … Angkor Wat, right? This famous temple complex. Yes. Cambodia is really famous for Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. Thousands of tourists visit this temple complex every day. And for some this is the only reason to come to Cambodia. I mean yes, Angkor Wat is a huge part of Cambodias whole […]