Thoughts after 6 months of full-time travelling

Coffee Tasting Ubud Bali

Mid-April I shared how I felt after full-time travelling for three months. Back then, I thought, ‘Yes, I’ll write another one in three months’. It’s August now, and it’s been four months since that thought. Trust me, until now I haven’t been ready to share anything yet. Three months can feel so long in some […]

Wingspan boardgame travel edition

Wingflight Game Setup

Have you ever heard of the boardgame Wingspan? If yes, then this blogpost might make you want to play even more! I’ll share everything you need to know to play Wingspan from anywhere without bringing all the game material with you. Whether it is the local pub, cafe, the park, your friends’ house or a […]

My first Workaway experience in Cambodia

Cando School Cambodia

I’m currently travelling Southeast Asia without a set time limit. The duration is basically determined by how long the budget lasts and I enjoy doing it. You can read more about my thoughts leading to this new chapter here. So before I started this journey I sat down and thought about what I want to […]

Thoughts after 3 months of full-time travelling

Mountainview coffee

A few weeks ago I had the idea to write down my thoughts after being a full-time traveller for three months. I want to share how I’ve felt, the thoughts I had, the emotions I went through and what I like and dislike about full-time travelling. Three months feel like a good amount of time […]

Being vegan in Cambodia

vegan in cambodia

Healthy and nutritious food plays a huge role in my life and this doesn’t change when I’m traveling! If I don’t have good food for a day or so, I can become quite moody and frustrated. Food to me is not only something to keep me alive, it’s a pleasure and daily celebration. You will […]

Financial insights into the life of a digital nomad

way up to El Teide Tenerife

Talking about financials in Germany is not really common I’d say. When I lived in the UK I felt like people were much more open talking about their salary and it’s less seen as a taboo subject. That, one the one hand is due to the fact that German work contracts prohibit the employees to […]

New chapter & biggest decision of my life

El Teide nationalpark Tenerife

I made one of the biggest decisions of my life. Some say I’m crazy, others say it was all a matter of time. I’d say it is a life experiment I want to try rather than regretting not having dared. Enjoy some personal story time and read more about why my 2023 is going to […]

Why I don’t love being a digital nomad

digital nomad

Many people are dreaming about working remotely and traveling around the world. I’ve been enjoying this lifestyle for three years now. What seems like the perfect life online does have its disadvantages as well. I’ll take you behind the scenes of the life of a digital nomad and tell you why I don’t love being […]

How a LASIK eye surgery changed my life


My LASIK eye surgery ended a 13 year relationship with glasses and contact lenses. I’m guiding you along my personal journey, the pre-examination and the surgery itself. Furthermore I’m sharing my biggest worries before the procedure and will give answers to them from today’s perspective.

Why I love being a digital nomad

Casa Netural Coliving

What on earth is a digital nomad and how can this lifestyle benefit your life? Read more about why I love being a digital nomad. This is a personal insight after three years of experience. Get inspired and find out if this way of working & living is for you.