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My experience at Cactus Coliving, Tenerife

Cactus Coliving

Tenerife holds a special place in my heart. After staying for three weeks in June 2021, I knew I would come back to this island at some point. In November 2022 I therefore spent another six weeks on Tenerife. This time, I chose to live and work in Cactus Coliving. A place that is home […]

My experience at Casa Netural in Matera, Italy

Sassi di Matera view

Casa Neutral is one of the first colivings in the world, located in the beautiful town Matera in Southern Italy. I got to work in a typical Italian town with other like-minded people while exploring the area. Find out if this unique experience is something for you. I loved it!

My experience at Nine Coliving, Tenerife

It’s 7am in the morning and the sun starts to rise slowly over the mountains. It seems like whole La Orotava is still sleeping – all I can hear are the birds. With a cup of tea I’m going straight from my bed to the rooftop to enjoy the quiet hours and embrace a new […]