8 amazing things to do in Dalat, Vietnam in 2023

Dalat Vietnam

Dalat is located in the central Highlands region in Vietnam and a real gem! Due to is altitude of 1,500 metres above sea level, the temperatures are very pleasant and a nice contrast after coming from a rather tropical climate. The climate in Dalat also reflects in its agriculture. Dalat supplies huge amounts of products […]

DIY Guide for a day in Bokor Hill National Park by scooter

Bokor Hill National Park

Are you ready for an adventurous day out and adding some contrast to what you’ve seen so far in Cambodia? A trip to Bokor Hill National Park will show you a side of this country you didn’t think existed. Here’s your in-depth guide for a DIY trip to Bokor Hill by scooter. When staying in […]

How to get from Nong Khiaw to Huay Xai in 2023

Nong Khiaw Viewpoint

You are travelling Laos and wondering how to get from Nong Khiaw to Huay Xai in Laos? You would like to know more about the price and how long it takes? As there is barely information online about this journey this is your guide with all you need to know about the trip. Two ways […]

How to get from Hoi An in Vietnam to Laos in 2023

Pakse Laos

You are planning to travel from Hoi An in Vietnam to Laos by bus? This is an in-depth guide for a trip from Hoi An to Laos. I completed this journey via the Lao Bao border to Pakse in April 2023. But also other destinations in Laos are possible! Due to a lack of information […]

Ha Giang loop 4 day itinerary & costs in 2023

Ha Giang loop views

The Ha Giang loop is one of the most amazing loops Vietnam, and maybe even whole of Southeast Asia has to offer. The approximately 350 kilometres long circular route leads through stunning mountain passes, along deep, craterous valleys, all the way up towards the border to China. If you have found this blogpost you probably […]

Thoughts after 3 months of full-time travelling

Mountainview coffee

A few weeks ago I had the idea to write down my thoughts after being a full-time traveller for three months. I want to share how I’ve felt, the thoughts I had, the emotions I went through and what I like and dislike about full-time travelling. Three months feel like a good amount of time […]

Hiking Lang Biang Mountain in Dalat, Vietnam

Lang Biang Mountain trail

Mount Lang Biang is one of the highlights when visiting the beautiful town Dalat in Vietnam. If you love hiking and are looking for an active adventure you should definitely do a day trip to the mountain. Due to the altitude, the climate in Dalat is really pleasant all year round. The perfect conditions for […]

Being vegan in Cambodia

vegan in cambodia

Healthy and nutritious food plays a huge role in my life and this doesn’t change when I’m traveling! If I don’t have good food for a day or so, I can become quite moody and frustrated. Food to me is not only something to keep me alive, it’s a pleasure and daily celebration. You will […]

How to get from Bangkok to Siem Reap in 2023

Are you planning to explore Cambodia and don’t really know where to start your journey? Or would you like visit this beautiful country after your Thailand trip? This is my experience report going from Bangkok to Siem Reap by bus with Travel Mart. I did the border crossing in February 2023 and will tell you […]

Financial insights into the life of a digital nomad

way up to El Teide Tenerife

Talking about financials in Germany is not really common I’d say. When I lived in the UK I felt like people were much more open talking about their salary and it’s less seen as a taboo subject. That, one the one hand is due to the fact that German work contracts prohibit the employees to […]