Traveling to Thailand within Phuket Sandbox

drone shot sunset phuket

With Thailand opening its borders to the world in 2021 it becomes possible again to think about a holiday in the land of smiles. Thailand is one of the few SEA countries that is open to tourists during the COVID pandemic. However it is not as open as it seems as there are some requirements and restrictions in place. What is Phuket Sandbox? How easy is it to enter Thailand? What documents have to be prepared to travel? Is it worth going to Thailand for only a few weeks? I travelled to Thailand in October 2021 and want to share my experience.

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Travel to the UK from Germany, December 2020

Is it still possible to travel to the UK from Germany? Do I need to make a Corona test? What are the entry restrictions? Do I have to quarantine? Is there a lockdown? Are restaurants, pubs and museums open? Many questions and it’s not always easy to find an answer these days as regulations change pretty often. In this article I’ll tell you more about the current situation (December 2020) in the UK and what to expect when you decide to come here.

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My life on Koh Tao during Corona

As some of you may already know, I spent over four months on the (for me) most beautiful island in Thailand: Koh Tao. Koh Tao means Turtle Island, and yes – a turtle is indeed one of the beautiful underwater animals you’re gonna encounter here. I never planned to stay on the island for so long, but as Corona happened I didn’t really have a choice. If it was me reading this article I would be asking myself a few questions: How did she end up staying on Koh Tao for four months? Who pays for that? What did she do? Were there any restrictions because of the virus? Well, let me answer these questions for you…

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