Krabi to Khao Sok by scooter

driving to khao sok from krabi by scooter

To get from Krabi to Khao Sok you can either take the bus, a private van or also just go by scooter. Going by scooter or motorbike is the cheaper and more adventurous option which is a little bit like a sightseeing trip. Read more about the journey and why it is worth driving this route yourself.

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My Khao Sok experience with Thai National Parks

raft houses khao sok nationalpark

Khao Sok National Park left me speechless. Located in South Thailand its rainforest offers wildlife, iconic limestone hills, waterfalls and great biodiversity. I joined a two night trip with Thai National Parks. If you want to feel like Na’vi from Avatar this adventure is perfect for you. And the most important fact: This tour operator doesn’t offer any elephant activities which was a basic requirement for me.

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Traveling to Thailand within Phuket Sandbox

drone shot sunset phuket

With Thailand opening its borders to the world in 2021 it becomes possible again to think about a holiday in the land of smiles. Thailand is one of the few SEA countries that is open to tourists during the COVID pandemic. However it is not as open as it seems as there are some requirements and restrictions in place. What is Phuket Sandbox? How easy is it to enter Thailand? What documents have to be prepared to travel? Is it worth going to Thailand for only a few weeks? I travelled to Thailand in October 2021 and want to share my experience.

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My experience at Nine Coliving, Tenerife

It’s 7am in the morning and the sun starts to rise slowly over the mountains. It seems like whole La Orotava is still sleeping – all I can hear are the birds. With a cup of tea I’m going straight from my bed to the rooftop to enjoy the quiet hours and embrace a new day. It is Monday and I have to work, however I’m looking forward to this day. Looking forward to getting in touch with my colleagues and working on my projects, to doing yoga class before my lunch break, to exchanging ideas with other Nine coliving people, to going to a local beach in the afternoon and to ending the day with a family dinner and guitar session.

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My moving home office setup

My job is 100 % home office based, which makes it possible for me to move around and work from different places. This implies though, that I can’t set up a permanent work station. In this article I’ll introduce my home office setup. It is light, flexible and I can still work efficiently – perfect for digital nomads or any people who need to travel with their office.

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How my moving home came to life

I don’t have a home. I mean I do have a home, but it’s not permanently located at one spot. I used to say, home is wherever my backpack is. But also it is everywhere I feel comfortable. Home is where family and friends are. But it can also be a familiar place I come back to. My home is always moving and to cut it short for you: This blogpost is about how my (moving) home came to life.

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Travel to the UK from Germany, December 2020

Is it still possible to travel to the UK from Germany? Do I need to make a Corona test? What are the entry restrictions? Do I have to quarantine? Is there a lockdown? Are restaurants, pubs and museums open? Many questions and it’s not always easy to find an answer these days as regulations change pretty often. In this article I’ll tell you more about the current situation (December 2020) in the UK and what to expect when you decide to come here.

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