Rate your food and make a change with abillionveg

What if you could support organizations by having a vegan meal? By only writing a short review? Would be great, right? Good news – it is possible with: abillionveg. Take a photo, rate the dish and make a contribution. It is as easy as it sounds. I feel like more people should know about this app. So let me tell you how it works & help make a change – even though you’re not on a 100 % plant-based diet.

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Help animals on their journey to a new home

You’re flying back to your home country and want to do something good with your flight? Why not become a flight volunteer and help an animal on its journey to a new home? In this article I’ll show you how you can do a good deed with a flight and only small effort – how you can become a flight volunteer.

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My life on Koh Tao during Corona

As some of you may already know, I spent over four months on the (for me) most beautiful island in Thailand: Koh Tao. Koh Tao means Turtle Island, and yes – a turtle is indeed one of the beautiful underwater animals you’re gonna encounter here. I never planned to stay on the island for so long, but as Corona happened I didn’t really have a choice. If it was me reading this article I would be asking myself a few questions: How did she end up staying on Koh Tao for four months? Who pays for that? What did she do? Were there any restrictions because of the virus? Well, let me answer these questions for you…

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Volunteering while travelling

Kuscheln mit Hunden

During my travels I love to volunteer in different projetcs for a few weeks: Whether it’s teaching English in a school on Bali, helping out in an Animal Rescue Project in Costa Rica or supporting an elephant shelter for a week in the jungle of Cambodia. For me, volunteering while travelling is an incredibly enriching experience. Each time I learn so much about the culture and the projects’ background. Plus I can give back something very valuable: time and energy. There’s no doubt that I reached my limits and got out of my comfort zone each time, but also I’ve grown so much and broadened my horizon. This article is about how you can become a volunteer and what I think is important to take into account before starting a project.

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How to extend your visa in Pai, Thailand

Die Natur Pai's

When I arrived in Pai I never thought that I’d end up staying there for two weeks. As those two weeks were already half of my 30 day visa and I wanted to see much more of this country, I decided to get a visa extension. In this article I want to share my experience about how to extend your visa in Pai – a quite easy and quick process.

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Best cafe to work on Koh Tao: Coconut Monkey

Arbeiten und lecker essen
Due to Covid I was stuck on Koh Tao – which was the best thing that could’ve ever happend to me, but that’s another story. The island Koh Tao is famous for its beautiful diving and snorkeling sites. It truly is a peaceful paradise – whitesand beaches, jungle hikes and delicious food. One of my favourite spots was Coconut Monkey. Located in Mae Haad area it’s the perfect place to chill or even to work. I literally spent almost every day at Coco Monkey and enjoyed the vibes. Find out why this place is incredible…
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How to avoid jetlag

Travelling into a new timezone means one thing for most of people: A jetlag is included. Due to the time difference the biorhythm is confused. During the day you’re tired, at night you’re wide awake – the body needs a few days to adapt to the new day and night times. Is it possible to reduce or even avoid jetlag? Yes! I have two valuable tips for you.

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Travelling Cambodia alone for three weeks – itinerary

Cambodia. There is … Angkor Wat, right? This famous temple complex. Yes. Cambodia is really famous for Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. Thousands of tourists visit this temple complex every day. And for some this is the only reason to come to Cambodia. I mean yes, Angkor Wat is a huge part of Cambodias whole culture – but there’s so much more to see and explore. In this article I wanna tell you more about a three week itinerary for Cambodia. 

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